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1. have certain management place, and that can meet the needs of its business objectives, warehousing facilities.
2. Has the certain operating capital (megacities dealers dealers 1 million yuan of above 1.5 million yuan of above, the provincial market, regional market dealers $500000 or above).
3. The company products need office setting.
4. Pay a certain margin (megacities dealers 15 to 200000 yuan of above, the provincial market dealers, regional market dealers of 100000 yuan of above 50000 yuan of above).
5. Must be equipped with certain business guide, after-sales service personnel, personnel.
6. Must be open a store, as a platform to show the company's products to distributors and consumers (megacities dealer more than 120 square meters, the provincial distributor more than 80 square meters, regional market dealers 60 square meters).
7. Must be in or near the premises where the communities concentrated area, in a certain number of outdoor advertising.
8. A certain distribution network.
9. Must according to the company's regional development plan, to complete various tasks in the area of the distribution of sales.
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