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一. Join Apply
A. Dealer index information to a company;
B. commit resources.
二. Primary appraisal
A. In relation to the assessment of the applicants to submit information.
B. Company sent to the field to evaluate, to accurate measurement of operation area door head, and take pictures before decorate, predict stock variety series range and quantity.
三. Decoration
A.Members must be conducted in accordance with the requirements to store indoor and outdoor decoration design drawings to decorate, decorate and determine time and opening time.
B. Renovated, to acceptance of our confirmation and photo archive;
四. The opening preparation
A. One month before the opening, completes the products purchasing plan, so that the company products;
B. Pre-opening preparation of relevant matters: office supplies, staffing, business plans, personnel training, promotion, advertising propaganda materials has opened, etc.;
C. Merchandise purchases, the official opening.
五. Approval stage
A. Signing franchise agreement with the applicant;
B. To the applicant's store and the store according to unified brand image design, and submit the applicant signature confirmation, began to plan to decorate;
C. Our operators will display props remittance to the company, make the props samples.
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