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一、Brands Superiority
Garda sanitary line in line with the national policy, the development of market-oriented, ahead of the market, the brand has a good position in the market.
二、Quality Superiority
The company has a professional production line, not only guarantee the products of science and technology, more guarantee the quality of the product.
三、Technical Advantages
Company set research and development and production, the sale in a body, when injected in research and development products more human and financial resources, have a professional research team.
四、Management Advantages
Company marketing management experience for many years, to find a set of mature win-win business model, guarantee the sustainable development of the company.
五、Marketing Advantages
Perfect marketing system, from the agent to negotiate to open a shop, company send the specialist is responsible for the guidance of market, make sure sales promoting to a higher position.
六、Propaganda Advantages
Powerful advertising campaign, comprehensive product packaging, in combination with actual market agents, USES the many kinds of propaganda, to ensure that the terminal propaganda in place.
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